London is the second city to get free gigabit WiFi kiosks

London's countless telephone boxes become more redundant with every new mobile contract signed and throwaway tourist SIM purchased. Having a mind to update these payphones for the modern age, BT — which owns the majority of them — announced last ye… Source:

السعودية تعلن أنه لا تÙ�اوض مع قطر حول قائمة المطالب – The Huffington Post Arabi

The Huffington Post Arabi السعودية تعلن أنه لا تÙ�اوض مع قطر حول قائمة المطالبThe Huffington Post Arabiأعلن وزير الخارجية السعودية، عادل الجبير، اليوم الثلاثاء 27 يونيو/حزيران 2017 أنه لا تÙ�اوض مع قطر حول قائمة المطالب التي قدمت قبل أربعة أيام ومن بينها غلق قناة الجزيرة. وقال الجبير خلال لقاء مع الصحÙ�يين Ù�ÙŠ واشنطن "بيد قطر…

Twitter can detect crime up to an hour faster than police

Twitter has repeatedly proven itself as an invaluable platform for information sharing during social crises. Now new research has shown its ability to detect serious incidents much faster than police reports — up to an hour faster, in fact. By anal… Source:

StdLib just raised $2 million to connect businesses via APIs

 Six years ago, Keith Horwood was known in his native Toronto as a former graduate student who’d hacked into his school’s student union election site, changing candidates’ titles for comic effect. (He was given what’s called a conditional discharge after paying a fine and performing community service.) He also determined that he’d rather become known…

Facebook has 2 billion monthly users

Every month, 2 billion users post messages, share photos, disseminate links and argue with estranged family members on Facebook. Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the milestone today in a quick post (on Facebook, of course) saying, "We're making prog… Source:

Apple acquires SensoMotoric Instruments eye-tracking company

Apple acquires SensoMotoric Instruments. Apple confirmed its acquisition of SensoMotoric Instruments, a German computer vision company specialising in augmented reality (AR) and eye tracking, media reported. Apple essentially confirmed the deal, offering the standard statement it gives when it buys companies, reported “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally…