Blizzard's first eSports stadium opens for 'Overwatch'

Blizzard had a formative role shaping the strategy and MOBA titles that dominate eSports today. But the studio didn't really dive into competitive events until it started devoting floorspace to its own tournaments at BlizzCon 2009. Now the gaming tit… Source:

Volkswagen to pay $157 million for violating emissions standards in the US

Volkswagen diesel cars were emitting over 40 times the permissible levels of nitrogen oxide during normal driving. German automaker Volkswagen AG said today it reached a settlement with 10 US states on environmental and consumer claims stemming from its emissions cheating scandal. The company has agreed to pay USD 157.5 million to the states, including…

NASA made it easy for everyone to trawl its media archives

You won't have to go through dozens of mission websites anymore just to find space photos to print or to use as desktop or mobile wallpapers. NASA has launched a new library to host its best high-res images, videos and audio files from across 60 coll… Source:

NASA prepares the ISS for its second space taxi dock

NASA has begun preparing the ISS' second space taxi dock for Boeing's CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX's Crew Dragon. Flight controllers at NASA Johnson Space Center have taken control of the station's robotic arm, the Canadarm 2, to relocate one of its… Source:

The Apple TV Remote app is finally optimized for iPads

No, we still don't have an iPad version of the Instagram app, but another longtime holdout has gotten some big(ger) screen love. Apple has finally given its Apple TV Remote app a refresh tailored for the slate's display. The iTunes listing says that… Source:

Dell's 8K monitor is available for $5,000

Dell introduced its 31.5-inch 8K monitor at CES, which the company claims is the world's first consumer screen to meet such a ridiculous resolution. While it took a backseat to the artist-aimed Canvas at the tech show, the Ultrasharp 32 is finally av… Source:

Scientists turn spinach into a farm for human heart cells

In the future, you might not have to resort to exotic materials to create heart cells — you could just raid your grocery store's produce section. Scientists have invented a process that turns spinach leaves into farms for functioning human heart cel… Source: