Microsoft reminds us that exists by closing it down

Microsoft is shutting down, a quasi-social network launched by its FUSE Labs research division. In case you forgot (admit it, you forgot), it was never intended to be a competitor to Facebook or Twitter. Rather, it's a strange hybrid that let y… Source:

Microsoft's facial recognition AI can sniff out your dog's breed

Microsoft previously teamed up its facial recognition and artificial intelligence teams to figure out how old people are (with varying results). The firm’s latest app, on the other hand, aims to show off its machine learning chops by discerning your dog’s breed. Microsoft’s experimental lab Garage has today launched Fetch!, an app that’s powered by…

Review: Microsoft Lumia 550

Introduction and features The Christmas period wasn’t kind to Windows 10 Mobile. With the Lumia 950 and 950 XL being the first flagship smartphones to come bearing the new operating system, they also came bearing the weight of expectation. Unfortunately, despite significant efforts on the part of Microsoft, their arrival was heralded by persistent software…

Microsoft Services Will Soon Come Preinstalled On Acer Phones And Tablets, Partnerships Expand To 74 Global OEMs

Microsoft is slowly reinventing itself, acquiring interesting companies like SwiftKey and Sunrise Calendar, changing the way people perceive it and its services, and improving its apps across multiple platforms. We’ve sure seen the effects here on Android Police — there’s hardly any week that passes by without us mentioning the company at least once, and…

How You Can Use Microsoft OneNote for Project Management

OneNote is more than a note taking program. It’s the ideal¬†collaboration tool for managing simple projects¬†in small teams. And unlike Evernote, OneNote is completely free. We’ll show you how you can use OneNote for project management, either by yourself or with your team, and we’ll demonstrate basic and advanced OneNote features along the way. 1….