Netflix launches support for Firefox on Linux

Linux users have a new option if they want to watch Netflix — the streaming service is now compatible with Firefox for the platform. Before this, only Google Chrome could play videos from the website outright. There was even a time when users had to… Source:

Apple wins Laptop Mag's tech support showdown (again)

Not every company offers first-class tech support for its laptops. With confusing web resources, unhelpful social media accounts and clueless phone reps, many brands put a lot of unnecessary obstacles between consumers and the help they need. That's… Source:

PS4 gets Boost Mode, external drive support on March 9th

After more than a little teasing, Sony's PS4 version 4.50 update is almost here. The sweeping upgrade is now slated to arrive on March 9th, and is now confirmed to include that rumored Boost Mode for PS4 Pro owners. Enable it on the higher-end PlaySt… Source:

Physical Web Support Comes To Chrome 49 Beta For Android

When you come across a QR code, the experience isn’t exactly seamless. You tap your barcode scanner, aim at the funny looking blocks, then watch a link open up in your browser. Then you’re either looking at a website or downloading an app. The Physical Web is an effort to better connect phones to the…

Google announces end of support for Flash ads

Though Flash played an incredibly important part in the evolution of the internet, all things must come to an end. The once revolutionary plugin is now bloated, slow, a resource hog, and most importantly, a security mess. Flash vulnerabilities seem to never stop popping up, and updates come constantly. Google knows this, and has announced…